History on hokey player dhyan chand

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Indian field hockey gold medalist Dhyan Chand dies

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When the Nawab of Manavadar found to play, Chand was appointed captain. Major Dhyan Chand was an iconic Indian hockey player who is remembered as a magician of Indian hockey. Major Dhyan Chand is a name that every Indian can say with pride.

He was the prime member of Indian hockey team which brought three Olympic gold medals in field hockey. On December 3,the Olympic gold medal-winning field hockey player Dhyan Chand dies in Delhi, India.

Dhyan Chand

Dhyan Chand was born on 29 August in Allahabad. He was born to mother Sharadha Singh and father Sameshwar Singh. His father was in the British Indian Army, and he played hockey in the army. Because of his father's numerous army transfers, the family had to move to different cities and as such Chand.

Dhyan Chand, (born August 29,Allahabad, India—died December 3,Delhi), Indian field hockey player who was considered to be one of the greatest players of all time.

Dhyan Chand Profile

Chand is most remembered for his goal-scoring feats and for his three Olympic gold medals (,and ) in field hockey, while India was dominant in the sport. Considered to the greatest ever field hockey player, Dhyan Chand helped India win three Olympic gold medals.

This biography of Dhyan Chand provides detailed information about his childhood, life, achievements, works & horse-training-videos.com: Janaki Devi. Dhayan Chand - Such was the awe of Dhayan Chand that in a Vienna sports club, they installed a statue of Dhyan Chand with four arms and four sticks.

Major Dhyan Chand – The God of Hockey

Dhyan Chand was so charismatic in the hockey field that everyone around the world doubted if his stick was made of something else other than wood!

History on hokey player dhyan chand
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