Good writing website names

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12 Tips to Select Good Domain Names

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Tips on Choosing a Good Domain Name

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The 100 Best Websites for Writers in 2016

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3 Questions to Choose an Effective Domain Name for Your Freelance Writer Website

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Tips on Choosing a Good Domain Name

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If you're absolutely stuck trying to generate names for your characters, try this "genie," which will come up with a first and middle name based on the last name that you provide.

(Great if you think "Layton Chad" would be a good name for a baby or a character. The Best Websites for Writers in by Marisol Dahl. The ProWritingAid blog is all about transforming good writing into great writing.

From grammar tips, writing techniques, and software recommendations, this blog is a great resource if you’re looking to polish your prose.

guides and directories of trusted names and companies. Good points. Would like to add a thought regarding use of hyphens. If the website is going to be used as a support vehicle and not as the primary business – such as if the business is an app – I think use of ‘a’ hyphen is acceptable.

But choosing the right domain name for that website is a HUGE obstacle for some writers. I’ve seen people dither over this decision for weeks, a fresh start for this new phase of your career might be a good idea. Think about what you want to write for the next five to ten years, and focus your domain name choice on that or on your own.

10 Writer Websites That Kick Butt and Get Clients. Posted by: You can get a good sense quickly of the type of writing the writer does. The clips are presented in a way that’s easy to read. It’s easy to figure out how to contact them.

The 100 Best Websites for Writers in 2017

Some of them were done very affordably, too. After a few years of writing on both, I realized my message was diluted and that everything I was passionate about (on both sites) was a part of me and who I was.

Personal domain names for a business blog makes others feel like “this guy wants to get famous”. if only I didn’t one of the world’s most common names. I’ve been.

Good writing website names
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